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Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion.

Current News

Martin Avenue Kindergartners Gain by Giving

Martin Avenue Kindergartners Gain by Giving thumbnail252336

Service learning is an important part of the curriculum for kindergartners at Martin Avenue Elementary School. At a young age, they completed a successful Thanksgiving food drive that could help dozens of local families.

The weeklong food drive culminated on Nov. 17 when students sorted items and packed boxes. The nonperishable goods were donated by Martin Avenue students and staff. Several of the boxes will be given to specific families in the community, while the rest of the food will go to the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District’s Community Cupboard.

Kindergarten teachers Melissa DeBlasio and Jennie Kuhn noted that this project ties into the district’s mission statement in “contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion.” It also supports the kindergarten social studies curriculum, which focuses on communities.

“Our goal of this service-learning project for our kindergarten students is toshift from an inward focus on themselves to an outward focus on others while contributing to our school and eventually our global community,” said Ms. DeBlasio, who spearheaded the project. “Through this process, our students develop a stronger sense of compassion, empathy and personal responsibility.”

Last year’s kindergarten service project was a collection drive for a local animal shelter. Ms. DeBlasio explained that service learning opportunities help students develop critical thinking skills, create positive relationships, increase awareness of community issues and develop a deeper understanding of empathy and respect for others.

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Date Added: 11/29/2023

Fall Inspires Artists at Park Avenue

Sixth graders drawing oil pastel fall landscapes thumbnail252335

Through colorful and creative fall projects, young artists are expanding their talents at Park Avenue Elementary School.

Sixth graders drew oil pastel fall landscapes under the direction of art teacher Jillian Bock. She explained that the purpose of the project was for students to learn how to create the illusion of depth and space in their artwork. The only requirement was that the landscapes needed to include pumpkins, while the rest of the setting was up to their imaginations. For the pumpkins, students practiced light and shadow techniques to make them appear round.

“The pieces are awesome and I’m very proud of the work they’re doing,” she said. “It’s great to watch them channel their own creativity and individuality.”

The work began with pencil sketches before they began coloring with oil pastels. Finally, they went over their pieces gently with a wet paintbrush, as the water gave it a smooth appearance.

Fifth graders worked with multiple mediums, using colored pencils and oil pastels for their fall projects that had to feature a tree missing its leaves. Students learned the Y-tree technique, using the letter repeatedly to create the trunk and branches.

When it was time to add color, they had to decide a time of day their artwork would reflect, such as morning, sunset or night, and choose the appropriate hues. They also explored perspective and worked with color blending.

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Date Added: 11/27/2023

Dinkelmeyer Students Gobble Up Math Knowledge

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The second grade turkey trot was all about exercising the brain at John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School. Wearing their paper turkey hats, students in Christine Shahin’s room went around the room solving math problems on Nov. 20.

The young mathematicians are learning to add double-digit numbers using the break apart strategy, in which they split numbers into tens and ones. They traveled the room in small groups with clipboards and number charts to work out several equations and have conversations about their solving strategies.

First graders also did seasonal math projects. They have been working on double facts – adding the same number twice – and wrote doubles equations and solutions on the feathers of paper turkeys.

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Date Added: 11/22/2023

Martin Avenue Celebrates School Related Professionals

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Martin Avenue Elementary School Students thumbnail252209
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Martin Avenue Elementary School Students thumbnail252212
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“It takes a village” is not just a saying in the North Bellmore School District, where hundreds of a adults share their talents to educate children and provide safe, clean and welcoming schools.

Martin Avenue Elementary School is recognizing several important staff members for School-Related Professionals Day on Nov. 21, including custodians, food service staff, lunch-recess aides, nurses, paraprofessionals, secretaries and security guards. Students wrote thank-you letters and made cards to show their appreciation for staff who are vital to the operations of their school.

“The School-Related Professionals at Martin Avenue go above and beyond, every day, in service of students,” Principal Dr. Michael Yannucci said. “Our school couldn't function without the dedicated service of these colleagues. I would like to thank all of our school-related professionals for always rising to the challenge and meeting the needs of all our students.”

Date Added: 11/21/2023

Footballs Fly at Punt, Pass, Kick Competition

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Footballs soared through the air behind Saw Mill Road Elementary School on Nov. 8 as the North Bellmore School District held the championship round of its annual Punt, Pass, Kick competition. Grade-level winners from the five elementary schools gathered at the turf field to complete for the districtwide title.

Following a football skills unit, students in grades 3-6 took part in the preliminary rounds during their physical education classes. The top boy and girl from each grade level from the five schools were invited to the finals.

Long tape measures lined the field to determine the distance the ball traveled in each event. First, students tested their throwing abilities in the pass competition. Next was the punt, in which they dropped and kicked the ball. Finally, they kicked off of a tee. Each competitor was allowed to redo one event to try for a better score.

Park Avenue Elementary School Principal Michael DeBlasio, who oversees the district’s physical education department, noted that the sunny but chilly day was “perfect football weather.” He said it was a great opportunity for students to compete in a fun and friendly environment while also getting to meet their peers from other schools.

Running the events were physical education teacher James Breslin, Tim Byrne, Bill Green, Jim Mulvey, Alyssa Parker and Michael Weiner. When all of the events were complete, they tallied up the scores and announced the winners.

The districtwide champions are:

Third grade girl: Nina Hendershot, Saw Mill Road Elementary School
Third grade boy:Egan Malloy, Saw Mill Road Elementary School
Fourth grade girl: Xcenia Benden, Park AvenueElementary School
Fourth grade boy: Brody Hislop, John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School
Fifth grade girl: Lea Pagnotta, Saw Mill Road Elementary School
Fifth grade boy:Chase Almona, Martin Avenue Elementary School
Sixth grade girl:Hailey Smith, John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School
Sixth grade boy:Caleb Shogan, John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School

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Date Added: 11/20/2023