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Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion.

2616 Martin Avenue
Bellmore, NY 11710
Tel: (516) 992-3115
Fax: (516) 992-3164
Principal: Dr. Michael Yannucci
Instagram: @martinavepride
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Our mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion


Dear Martin Avenue Community,  

Welcome to Martin Avenue School! I am pleased to welcome you to our homepage and introduce myself as your principal. I am honored to serve our community and look forward to getting to know you all.     

As a father of three young children and an elementary school principal, it is of the utmost importance for me to know that every student, family member, faculty, and staff arrive at school feeling welcomed, respected, and cared for each day I will work with entire Martin Avenue team to ensure this is the experience for all who enter our doors. 

The North Bellmore Mission and Core Values are at the heart of all we do- our students are our why. The faculty, staff, and I are dedicated and compassionate educators who will work tirelessly to support every child. Their academic, social, and emotional growth is why we do the work we do.   

I speak on behalf of Martin Avenue when I say we want all our students – from our youngest learners entering kindergarten to our leading Lions in sixth grade – to look back at their experiences at Martin Avenue and remember having fun, building friendships, hands-on learning, connecting with literature, and feeling supported as they pursue their passions.  Again, our students (your children) are our why, and our future is bright.  

The faculty, staff, and I look forward to sharing many meaningful experiences with you this year. Please feel free to contact me any time throughout the school year. 

In partnership, 
Michael J. Yannucci, Ed.D.


Current News

Martin Avenue Sixth Graders Eyeing Service Projects

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“Contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion” is part of the mission statement of the North Bellmore School District, and sixth graders at Martin Avenue Elementary School are looking to accomplish just that.

They’ll probably start small with some volunteer work at home or in their local community, but it will hopefully set the stage for a lifetime of charitable endeavors. Students in Rachel Graber’s and Stephanie Speciale’s classes are each being tasked with completing 10 hours of community service this year.

The discussions first began on Sept. 11, which has been designated a National Day of Service and Remembrance. Students were encouraged to do a helpful act after school that day. The following morning, the two classes gathered together to learn more about community service opportunities to complete the 10 hours.

Sixth graders were presented with many ideas, such as helping a younger sibling with homework, shoveling snow for a neighbor this winter, participating in a local fundraiser walk or organizing a clothing or food drive. They learned how to earn community service hours through the teen room at the North Bellmore Public Library. At school, they could get involved in service clubs such as Student Council or Students Against Destructive Decisions.

Ms. Graber and Ms. Speciale said it counts as community service if they’re not paid, and they're not told to do it. Community service for Martin Avenue sixth graders is a longstanding tradition and helps prepare them for middle school and high school, where service hours are required.

Leahna Graziano said there are lots of ideas for community service. After helping out at a summer camp, she is considering working with children to complete her hours.

“I think it will help us in the long term,” sixth grader Summer Ferrie said. “It makes you better people when you do kind things.”

“I just like to help out the community,” added Mason Torres.

Ms. Graber and Ms. Speciale said that students are welcome to go beyond the 10 hours, and have had sixth graders in the past who have exceeded 300 hours of community service in a year.

Date Added: 9/19/2023

New Beginnings for North Bellmore Students

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On a day that perhaps felt more like the start of summer vacation than the end of it, students returned to school in North Bellmore for the first time since late June. The doors of the five elementary buildings opened up on Sept. 5 and the 2023-24 school year was promptly under way.

Children were excited to meet their teachers and see who was in their class. They unpacked supplies, learned classroom routines and expectations, and shared tales of their summer adventures. New kindergartners began their seven-year journey in North Bellmore, with teachers taking them around the school to show them important places like the cafeteria, gymnasium and library.

At the other end, the sixth graders settled in for their final year before heading off to middle school in a year. The year will be filled with lots of celebratory activities like the sixth grade track meet, a picnic, special field trips and, of course, graduation.

“Throughout my elementary experience,” Martin Avenue sixth grader Inayah Zahid said, “I’ve seen sixth graders do a lot of fun things, and I want to do those things. I’m looking forward to all of the projects and celebrations.”

Martin Avenue students welcomed their new principal, Dr. Michael Yannucci, who spent the day visiting classrooms and learning names. In Debra Ferretti’s first grade class, students completed their first piece of writing for the year by sharing their back-to-school feelings. She said that an emotional check-in with students will be part of the daily classroom routine.

Students and staff at Martin Avenue and John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School also enjoyed brighter classrooms and hallways following a ceiling and lighting improvement project over the summer.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 9/6/2023

A Joyful Start for District’s New Teachers

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Newcomers to the North Bellmore School District’s faculty got a warm welcome on Aug. 16 as they gathered in the Park Avenue Elementary School library for new teacher orientation.

There are 15 new full-time and part-time teachers joining the district this year. They represent multiple grade levels and subject areas, and collectively will be working across all five elementary schools. Among the new faculty are several grade-level teachers, two art educators and a pair of Prevention Department specialists.

New teacher orientation featured a review of the district’s mission and core values, an overview of instructional technology and welcoming remarks from administrators and the North Bellmore Teachers Association. During afternoon breakout sessions, the new teachers worked with administrators and instructional coaches based on their instructional area.

Tillie McNamara, the director of educational programs and staff development, said the goal of the orientation program is for new teachers to “feel a part of this amazing team” of educators. At orientation, they experience the collaborative spirit that exists in North Bellmore and learn how to use their strengths in the service of children.

“North Bellmore is a great place to learn and grown and continue to move forward in your career,” Ms. McNamara said. “We want our teachers to have long, joyful journeys with us as they bring the district’s missions and core values to life for students.”

“We welcome our new faculty and staff to our family,” added Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Janet Pollitt. “We want to show them all that North Bellmore has to offer.”

Date Added: 8/23/2023

Summer Work Brings Upgrades to JGD, Martin

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It’s been a busy summer in the North Bellmore School District, with facilities upgrades taking place at John G. Dinkelmeyer and Martin Avenue elementary schools.

Ceilings and lighting are being replaced in classrooms and hallways in the original sections of the two schools, which were built in the late 1940s. Many of those classrooms are also getting a fresh coat of paint.

Site work is being completed around the two schools. New sidewalks and blacktop, along with some fencing upgrades, are part of the summer work.

The work was approved by district voters in May 2021, and is being funded through a Capital Reserve Fund created in 2020. Ceiling, lighting, pavement and sidewalk upgrades are scheduled to be completed at the remaining four buildings over the next two summers.

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Date Added: 8/15/2023


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