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Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion.


2801 Saw Mill Road
North Bellmore, NY 11710
Tel: (516) 992-3118
Fax: (516) 992-3324
Principal: Mr. Jeff Rosof
Assistant Principal: 
Mr. Daniel Madden





Welcome to Saw Mill Road School! I am happy that you have stopped by for a visit to our website. Saw Mill Road is a K-6 school in the North Bellmore School District. We have a population of almost 700 excited and motivated students and a faculty of 70 committed and passionate teachers. Supporting our students and teachers is a wonderful group of aides, custodians, office staff, and administrators. No school would be complete without the community it serves and the Saw Mill community is incredibly proud and supportive of their school.

Here at Saw Mill we work hard every day implementing the Common Core Learning Standards and strive to reach the inspiring goals of our district’s mission statement. As an elementary school, we have our students for the beginning steps on the passage through their academic life. While ensuring we create a warm, fun and energetic school environment, we also pay careful attention to the fact that students are learning the foundational skills that will set them up for a lifetime of learning and living.

Whether you are a Saw Mill family, a local resident, or just someone checking out our website, I know you will feel the spirit and energy that pervade our school.Wishing you a wonderful day!

Jeff Rosof



No Pets Policy
Please be aware that pets are not allowed on school grounds. I know you support our efforts to keep our children safe; therefore, I appreciate your cooperation and ask that you refrain from bringing your pets on school grounds at any time. All North Bellmore Schools follow this No Pets policy.

Please Keep Contact Info Up to Date
If any of your contact information changed over the summer– email, phone numbers, address, etc. please call the office and inform them of the change. It is vital that we have the most up to date information in case we need to contact you.

Tech-Savvy Students Participate in Hour of Code

students sitting at a table in the library working on iPads thumbnail208800
student sitting at a table in the library working on an iPad thumbnail208801
student sitting at a table in the library working on an iPad thumbnail208802
student sitting at a table in the library working on an iPad thumbnail208803
student sitting at a table in the library working on an iPad thumbnail208804
While children are very familiar with modern technology, they often use it without understanding how it functions. During Computer Science Education Week from Dec. 6-12, students in the North Bellmore School District got a look at the inner-workings of computer software.

Students in fourth and fifth grades took part in activities through the international Hour of Code initiative under the direction of technology teachers Michael Bevilacqua, Alexa Laskowitz and Cathy Schlaich. Ms. Schlaich explained that the goal was to give children an introduction to coding with a user-friendly program, Google CS First.

Fourth graders animated text. Students could write their names, favorite sport or a place they enjoy, then give each letter an effect using drag-and-drop coding. Since every letter was its own sprite – a standalone computer graphic – they had to create code for each one. Students had fun making letters change colors, bounce, dance, spin and do other effects while learning the extensive work involved in computer programming. Each effect required anywhere from two to five lines of code, depending on complexity.

In fifth grade, students programmed two sprites to have a dialogue and learned how to move the graphics on the screen using the coordinate plane.

“It’s valuable to them as they're going to need these coding skills going forward,” Ms. Schlaich said. “It’s something that they're going to be using in middle school, high school, college and maybe even in careers.”

Ms. Schlaich also noted that one component of North Bellmore’s computer science program is robotics, which requires coding. Students have to program their robots to perform specific movements, so they will go into those activities with some familiarity because of their participation in Hour of Code.

North Bellmore’s Music Makers Have a Blast

Students Playing Native American Instruments thumbnail208471
Students Playing the xylophone thumbnail208472
Students Playing Percussion Instruments thumbnail208473
Students Playing Drums thumbnail208474
Students Playing the xylophone thumbnail208475
Students Standing Up In Class thumbnail208476
Student Playing bells thumbnail208477
Students Playing Native American Instruments thumbnail208478
Whether they are singing, dancing or playing instruments, students throughout the North Bellmore School District are having a blast in their general music classes.

Maritza Lopez, Carol Ng and Alexander Roff bring a passion for music that engages their students. They create topical lessons that not only teach children fundamentals but also create an appreciation for music. Their goal is for students to leave class understanding that music is purposeful and universal.

At the end of November, Ms. Lopez, began incorporating holiday songs into her music lessons at Saw Mill Road Elementary School. But it wasn’t just about teaching the notes and words, it was a culture experience. She explained that music is an important part of the traditions associated with holidays celebrated around the world.

Students learned the lyrics to “Light the Menorah” and incorporated percussion instruments in their rendition of “Feliz Navidad.” Using claves and conga drums, half of the class kept a beat while the other half sang.

Thanksgiving sparked musical opportunities in Ms. Ng’s classes at John G. Dinkelmeyer and Park Avenue elementary schools. Students learned how Native Americans used materials from nature to make their own instruments such as the bamboo flute and pan pipes. Children in the younger grade studied rhythmic patterns in turkey songs. To perform holiday music, the young musicians will get to use bells.

Mr. Roff, who teaches at Martin Avenue and Newbridge Road elementary schools, said music literacy is an important part of his classes, with students learning how to read notes and sing different scales. His fourth through sixth graders regularly play percussion instruments such as xylophones to learn different songs.

“Our students are making the most of each music class,” he said.

Saw Mill Toy Drive Aids Hurricane Victims

students standing in front of school sign holding toys from toy drive thumbnail208363
Donation boxes were filled to the top with toys and books at Saw Mill Road Elementary School in the North Bellmore School District, and those items were then sent hundreds of miles away.

The student council hosted a holiday toy and book drive to benefit families that were affected by Hurricane Ida, which impacted Louisiana and several eastern states last August. Students were asked to donate new, unwrapped toys and books to the cause from Nov. 22 through Dec. 3.

Sixth grader Aidan Fitzpatrick noted that Saw Mill is a large school, and if everyone gave one item, it could make a big difference.

“A lot of people out there are in need,” said Josh Sat.

Added Jada Jennings, “A lot of kids don't have the privilege of getting new toys from their parents so it’s good to give back to them.”

Virtual Backpack

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