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Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion.

John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School2100 Waltoffer Avenue
North Bellmore, NY 11710
Tel: (516) 992-3114
Fax: (516) 992-3054
Principal: Mrs. Danica Brugge









Dear John G. Dinkelmeyer Families,

It is my pleasure to write to you as the Principal of John G. Dinkelmeyer School. It is an honor and a great privilege to lead this incredible learning community on behalf of your children. As a mother of three young children, and an educational leader, I believe that every child deserves to be treated with respect and love. Leading with love, is vitally important in this day and age and doing so means that we recognize and validate the talents of each child as we give each learner what he/she needs to experience a happy, healthy and fulfilling elementary school experience. 
Our school is filled with teachers, faculty and staff that inspire me each day. Our faculty and staff are passionate educators and dedicated to each student's success and personal growth. We are committed to making our school a safe, enjoyable and memorable experience for all. We want our learners to be thinkers, problem solvers, joyful readers and writers, lifelong learners and great leaders in our community. We want each learner here to know that they are valued and that they have great potential.
Your children are treasured here! On behalf of the John G. Dinkemeyer faculty and staff, I thank you for the trust you put in our school as you share your children with us.
Danica Brugge

Current News

Buddies Bond Over Writing at Dinkelmeyer

5th Grade Student Talking With Kindergarten Student About Their Writings thumbnail209054
5th Grade Student Talking With Kindergarten Student About Their Writings thumbnail209055
5th Grade Student Talking With Kindergarten Student About Their Writings thumbnail209056
5th Grade Student Talking With Kindergarten Student About Their Writings thumbnail209057
5th Grade Student Talking With Kindergarten Student About Their Writings thumbnail209058
5th Grade Student Talking With Kindergarten Student About Their Writings thumbnail209059
5th Grade Student Talking With Kindergarten Student About Their Writings thumbnail209060
Fifth graders can boast years of writing experience, while kindergartners are only at the start of their literary journeys. At John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School, the experts and the beginners recently came together to talk about the writing craft.

During a buddy writing celebration in the cafeteria, fifth graders from Melissa Halaris’ class and kindergartners from Jennifer McGovern’s class partnered up to share their recent work with each other. The fifth graders spent the past six weeks working on their memoirs as they followed each step of the writing process. They first read mentor texts, then brainstormed ideas about memories they wanted to write about. Some of the topics included family trips and holiday traditions.

After writing a first draft, it was time to edit and revise. The fifth graders even turned to each other for helpful critiques before publishing their final pieces. They proudly read their stories to the kindergartners, who one day hope to write like the big kids.

Fifth graders also imparted some knowledge with writing tips for their younger peers, who are just beginning Writer’s Workshop. During the next several years, they will be engaged in the thoughtful and personalized process in which they will explore many different types of writing. Ms. McGovern noted that her kindergartners wrote small books about “something they know” to show their elder buddies.

North Bellmore’s Music Makers Have a Blast

Students Playing Native American Instruments thumbnail208471
Students Playing the xylophone thumbnail208472
Students Playing Percussion Instruments thumbnail208473
Students Playing Drums thumbnail208474
Students Playing the xylophone thumbnail208475
Students Standing Up In Class thumbnail208476
Student Playing bells thumbnail208477
Students Playing Native American Instruments thumbnail208478
Whether they are singing, dancing or playing instruments, students throughout the North Bellmore School District are having a blast in their general music classes.

Maritza Lopez, Carol Ng and Alexander Roff bring a passion for music that engages their students. They create topical lessons that not only teach children fundamentals but also create an appreciation for music. Their goal is for students to leave class understanding that music is purposeful and universal.

At the end of November, Ms. Lopez, began incorporating holiday songs into her music lessons at Saw Mill Road Elementary School. But it wasn’t just about teaching the notes and words, it was a culture experience. She explained that music is an important part of the traditions associated with holidays celebrated around the world.

Students learned the lyrics to “Light the Menorah” and incorporated percussion instruments in their rendition of “Feliz Navidad.” Using claves and conga drums, half of the class kept a beat while the other half sang.

Thanksgiving sparked musical opportunities in Ms. Ng’s classes at John G. Dinkelmeyer and Park Avenue elementary schools. Students learned how Native Americans used materials from nature to make their own instruments such as the bamboo flute and pan pipes. Children in the younger grade studied rhythmic patterns in turkey songs. To perform holiday music, the young musicians will get to use bells.

Mr. Roff, who teaches at Martin Avenue and Newbridge Road elementary schools, said music literacy is an important part of his classes, with students learning how to read notes and sing different scales. His fourth through sixth graders regularly play percussion instruments such as xylophones to learn different songs.

“Our students are making the most of each music class,” he said.


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