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Our mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion.

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Dinkelmeyer Readers Snap and Study Books

Students holding up ipads and smiling at the camera thumbnail254669
There’s a lot to think about in the books that fifth graders are reading at John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School, but students had to pick the page that stood out the most.

Melissa Halaris’ students completed a technology-based book snap project. Each reader selected one page that he or she felt was important, whether for a major character development or a key plot point. On their iPads, students used either PicEDU or SeeSaw to make a one-page summary sheet with their observations, thoughts and analysis.

Ms. Halaris said that the project helped students build their reading comprehension skills, as they had to use evidence from the books to back up their assertions. They also analyzed writer’s craft by highlighting different styles and techniques used by the authors.

“It grows their thinking as readers and writers,” Ms. Halaris said, who said that students did such a great job, she hung printouts of the projects in the hallway for the whole school to see.

For their independent reading, students can either select books from the classroom library, bring a book from home, or access digital books through Epic on their iPads.

Date Added: 2/1/2024

Dinkelmeyer Students Gain ‘Snow’ Much Knowledge

Students following each other in the snow thumbnail254199
Students in the snow following directions giving by teacher thumbnail254200
Students in the snow following directions giving by teacher thumbnail254201
Students writing words in the snow thumbnail254202
Kindergartners and fourth graders at John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School bundled up and braved the cold for a few minutes following the first snowfall of the season on Jan. 16 to make some observations.

Students used their senses to observe how the snow looked, sounded and felt. Kindergartners in Jennifer McGovern’s class wrote letters and sight words in the fresh snow. Nick Assande’s fourth graders recorded their observations in their science journals and had discussions about the effects of temperature on precipitation.

Date Added: 1/18/2024

Musicians Earn All-County, LISFA Selections

All-County Musicians thumbnail253977
Nearly three dozen students from the North Bellmore School District were selected to the 2024 All-County music festival, hosted by the Nassau Music Educators Association.

Fifth and sixth grade band, chorus and orchestra students were recognized for their musical talents. All-County rehearsals and concerts were held throughout the first two weeks of January.

The district congratulates the following students:

John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School: Adriana Aglio and Viana Olson, sixth grade chorus; Jake Duverneau, Charlotte Giannetta, Madison Lau, Brielle Orphee and Nicholas Truglio, fifth grade chorus.

Martin Avenue Elementary School: Summer Ferrie, sixth grade band; Seraphina McGill and Ariana Vargas, sixth grade chorus; Adalyn Perez, sixth grade orchestra; Alayna Mangels, fifth grade orchestra.

Newbridge Road Elementary School: Brian Barrera, sixth grade band; Daniella Capritto and Keira Ferris, sixth grade chorus; Thomas Howe, sixth grade orchestra.

Park Avenue Elementary School: Arya Chandhok, sixth grade band; Andrew Udilovich, fifth grade band; Carlos Flores and Camilla Roman, sixth grade chorus; Giuliana Ferraro, Harnoor Kaur, Elianna Macaluso, Micah Millington and Olivia Sparks, fifth grade chorus; Temitayo Otuyemi, sixth grade orchestra; Michael Liguori, fifth grade orchestra.

Saw Mill Road Elementary School: Ryan Paruch, sixth grade band; Sean Egan and Shira Rosen, sixth grade chorus; Isabella Rodriguez, Kayla Schieren and Madison Tam, fifth grade chorus; Charlotte O’Hea, sixth grade orchestra.

Additionally, Michael and Temitayo from Park Avenue and Charlotte from Saw Mill Road were selected to participate in the Long Island String Festival Association’s Nassau intermediate festival in early March.

North Bellmore’s music students are under the direction of music educators Desiree Behr, Christopher D’Orio, Dana Hirsch, Maritza Lopez, Ed McCullagh, Carol Ng, Alexander Roff and Lisa Uckardes.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 1/11/2024

Dinkelmeyer Sixth Graders Ready to Ace Middle School

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In less than a year, sixth graders at John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School in the North Bellmore School District will find themselves in new surroundings. To help them with the transition to the middle school, they were visited by juniors and seniors from Mepham High School on Dec 14.

The ACES program – Athletes Compassionately Educating Students – provides connections between student leaders in Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District and their younger peers in the elementary schools. This was the first of three meetings between the sixth graders and the high school leaders.

The first visit featured getting-to-know-you activities as well as some games. The high school student leaders discussed the benefits of being involved in athletics, clubs, community service and student government. Sixth graders were also able to have their questions answered about middle school and high school. Their curiosities ranged from changing classes to lockers to academic expectations.

The goal of ACES is to foster connections between students and promote positive behaviors. The next two sessions between the high school leaders and Dinkelmeyer’s sixth graders will focus on healthy choices. ACES sessions will take place at all five North Bellmore elementary schools this year.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for our sixth graders to meet positive peer role models, who exhibit many of the character traits that we begin instilling in them in kindergarten,” Dinkelmeyer Principal Danica Brugge said. “It’s also great because it helps ease their minds knowing what to expect with their transition to middle school.”

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 1/4/2024

Students Show Compassion Through Toy Drives

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Students holding up toys thumbnail253442
Students holding up toys thumbnail253443
The generosity of North Bellmore students will mean hundreds of children will get toys this holiday season. Elementary schools are holding toy drives for several organizations.

John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School’s student council and PTA partnered to hold a toy drive from Dec. 4-15. It will benefit the Child Life program at NYU Langone Hospital-Long Island Cancer Center for Kids. The toys will be given to children undergoing medical care.

Dinkelmeyer’s toy drive is being held in honor of a first grade student who is currently battling leukemia and is being treated NYU Langone.

Students in Michelle Mittler and Tracy Kelly’s third grade class at Saw Mill Road Elementary School are also collecting for children in the hospital. Their toy drive will benefit Cohen Children’s Medical Center, with Mittler personally delivering the toys to the hospital.

Ms. Mittler explained that the toy drive connects to the social and emotional learning program, which emphasizes being caring compassionate and empathic. There is no greater way to demonstrate those traits, she said, than giving to others.

At Newbridge Road Elementary School, the student council is collecting new toys for the John Theissen Children’s Foundation, based in neighboring Wantagh. The donations will support the foundation’s 32nd annual toy drive for sick and underprivileged children on Long Island.

Date Added: 12/20/2023