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Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion.

Transportation Office


Lisa Fogarty

Transportation Coordinator



Laurice Gunnels

Central Registration



Applications for Transportation

(For students attending Private or Non-Public Schools)

If your child will be attending a Private or Non-Public School, parents/guardians may submit an application to request transportation. Mileage limits in accordance with District policy will apply. Residency within the District must be established to be eligible for transportation. Please see the registration application checklist within the Central Registration Department. All forms denoted with an asterisk on the checklist will be required to apply for transportation. Each year thereafter you must complete only the Transportation Form for Non-Public School Transportation and it must be returned to the North Bellmore Transportation Office no later than April 1st of each year. No application will be approved after the April 1st deadline. Please note, for NEW Residents applying after the deadline you must apply within 30 days of moving into your residence to qualify for the current or upcoming school year.

**Please see Governor Cuomo’s Executive Orders for any applicable extensions of these deadlines due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency**

If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department at 516-992-3000, ext. 3017.