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Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion.


2801 Saw Mill Road
North Bellmore, NY 11710
Tel: (516) 992-3118
Fax: (516) 992-3324
Principal: Mr. Jeff Rosof
Assistant Principal: 
Mr. James O'Brien





Welcome to Saw Mill Road School! I am happy that you have stopped by for a visit to our website. Saw Mill Road is a K-6 school in the North Bellmore School District. We have a population of almost 700 excited and motivated students and a faculty of 70 committed and passionate teachers. Supporting our students and teachers is a wonderful group of aides, custodians, office staff, and administrators. No school would be complete without the community it serves and the Saw Mill community is incredibly proud and supportive of their school.

Here at Saw Mill we work hard every day implementing the Common Core Learning Standards and strive to reach the inspiring goals of our district’s mission statement. As an elementary school, we have our students for the beginning steps on the passage through their academic life. While ensuring we create a warm, fun and energetic school environment, we also pay careful attention to the fact that students are learning the foundational skills that will set them up for a lifetime of learning and living.

Whether you are a Saw Mill family, a local resident, or just someone checking out our website, I know you will feel the spirit and energy that pervade our school.Wishing you a wonderful day!

Jeff Rosof



No Pets Policy
Please be aware that pets are not allowed on school grounds. I know you support our efforts to keep our children safe; therefore, I appreciate your cooperation and ask that you refrain from bringing your pets on school grounds at any time. All North Bellmore Schools follow this No Pets policy.

Please Keep Contact Info Up to Date
If any of your contact information changed over the summer– email, phone numbers, address, etc. please call the office and inform them of the change. It is vital that we have the most up to date information in case we need to contact you.

Outdoor Math is Twice as Nice With Dice

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Fifth graders were on a roll at Saw Mill Road Elementary School as they worked on their math skills during a recent outdoor activity. Students in Melissa Mignoli and Christine Boshnack’s class played dice games as part of a lesson on place value. 

Students partnered up and practiced social distancing as they competed to build a bigger decimal. Sitting on opposite edges of the sidewalk, students rolled dice and assigned each number that came up a place value, with the goal of creating the largest decimal.  

After finishing up their math games, students were given some time with their independent reading books. 

North Bellmore Virtual Class Goes Beyond the Screen

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Many students in the North Bellmore School District are participating in full-time virtual learning this year, an option given to families during the COVID-19 pandemic. The district has dedicated teachers for the remote-only classes which include students from all five elementary schools.

Because the interaction between students and their teachers is an important part of education, Danielle Brocco wanted to see them beyond a screen. She hosted a drive-up meet-and-greet for her kindergarten class on Oct. 23 at Saw Mill Road Elementary School, where her classroom is located. She also has students from John G. Dinkelmeyer and Martin Avenue schools.

“I was so excited to see my virtual students,” Ms. Brocco said, who spent a few minutes chatting with each of her kindergartners and their parents as they pulled up in the front driveway. She even snapped a selfie with every student.

One activity in Ms. Brocco’s virtual class is a poem of the week. She and her students read it each day of the week, visualizing it, looking for rhyming words, singing and acting it out, and illustrating it in their poetry notebooks. The poem for the week of Oct. 19-23 was “Pumpkin, Pumpkin,” which Ms. Brocco and her students got to sing together in person at the drive-up meeting.  

Reading, Writing and Sharing at Saw Mill

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High Spirits, Healthy Practices as North Bellmore Schools Reopen

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Desks throughout the North Bellmore School District had new clear plastic barriers, but they also had students for the first time since mid-March after the five elementary schools opened on Sept. 9.

While the 2020-21 school year began during the COVID-19 pandemic, the district created a thorough reopening plan to ensure that students and staff could return to a healthy and safe learning environment. At the entrances to each school, teachers showed students how to use touchless thermometers that took their temperature by holding up their wrists. 

After students were settled in their classrooms, Saw Mill Road Principal Jeff Rosof addressed the school over the public address system for some welcoming remarks, the Pledge of Allegiance and a few announcements. 

“It’s going to be different, but we know it’s still going to be a great school year,” he said. “We know there are smiles underneath those masks.”

In AnnMarie Gilroy’s class, her sixth graders spoke excitedly about being reunited after nearly six months of remote instruction and summer break. Many of them have set goals for the year, both in terms of academics and personal growth. Alyssia Bedessi summed up the feelings of her class, which is ready to embrace the changes and determined “to try to make the best of the year.”  

The district is also offering an alternate virtual learning model for students, with online classes taught by certified North Bellmore teachers and following the same curriculum as in-person instruction. 

Virtual Backpack

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