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Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion.

John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School2100 Waltoffer Avenue
North Bellmore, NY 11710
Tel: (516) 992-3114
Fax: (516) 992-3054
Principal: Mrs. Danica Brugge









Dear John G. Dinkelmeyer Families,

It is my pleasure to write to you as the Principal of John G. Dinkelmeyer School. It is an honor and a great privilege to lead this incredible learning community on behalf of your children. As a mother of three young children, and an educational leader, I believe that every child deserves to be treated with respect and love. Leading with love, is vitally important in this day and age and doing so means that we recognize and validate the talents of each child as we give each learner what he/she needs to experience a happy, healthy and fulfilling elementary school experience. 
Our school is filled with teachers, faculty and staff that inspire me each day. Our faculty and staff are passionate educators and dedicated to each student's success and personal growth. We are committed to making our school a safe, enjoyable and memorable experience for all. We want our learners to be thinkers, problem solvers, joyful readers and writers, lifelong learners and great leaders in our community. We want each learner here to know that they are valued and that they have great potential.
Your children are treasured here! On behalf of the John G. Dinkemeyer faculty and staff, I thank you for the trust you put in our school as you share your children with us.
Danica Brugge

Current News

North Bellmore Teachers Bring Joy and Passion to Classrooms

Graphic that says Teacher Appreciation week thumbnail216738
Teachers from the North Bellmore District thumbnail216739
Teachers from the North Bellmore District thumbnail216741
Teachers from the North Bellmore District thumbnail216742
Teachers from the North Bellmore District thumbnail216743
Teachers from the North Bellmore District thumbnail216744
Teachers from the North Bellmore District thumbnail216745
The primary mission of the North Bellmore School District is to educate children and prepare them for a prosperous future. To mark national Teacher Appreciation Week from May 2-6, we celebrate the 212 teachers who help our students grow, find their passions and achieve success.

North Bellmore’s teaching staff includes professionals with a wide range of specialties. Instruction begins with our 97 classroom teachers, from kindergarten through sixth grade, across five elementary schools. The district also has two dozen special education teachers and 21 special-area teachers, which includes art, computer science, health and wellness, library, music and physical education teachers.

The faculty also includes an ALPHA gifted and talented teacher, assistive technology specialist, band and orchestra directors, ENL teachers, occupational therapist, psychologists, reading specialists, school counselors, speech pathologists and social workers.

Assistant Superintendent Janet Pollitt said that while the teachers work across multiple schools, grade levels and departments, they share a special bond as one professional learning community, with a shared dedication to the students.

“What’s special about the North Bellmore teachers is the collegiality that our faculty share not just within the separate buildings but across the district,” Ms. Pollitt said.

Ms. Pollitt said that teachers are particularly committed to their craft, as evidenced by their participation in professional development opportunities. She noted their active participation in afterschool and summer training sessions, offered both within the district and at educational institutions across Long Island. It’s all in the service of providing the best education to students, she explained.

North Bellmore’s family of educators is comprised of veteran teachers, many of whom have been in the district for more than 20 and 30 years, as well as newcomers who have joined the faculty within the last few years.

Teachers are always willing to step up and help out the community, as their influence extends beyond the classroom walls. They organize collections for the Community Cupboard, support local families who have experienced a tragedy and raise money for various charitable organizations.

“Our teachers create a nurturing and supportive classroom environment, and are always willing to go the extra mile for their students,” Superintendent Marie Testa said. “We couldn’t be more appreciative of our dedicated and passionate teachers, who bring joy to their classrooms and joy to their students every day.”

Date Added: 5/5/2022

Dinkelmeyer Students Become Poets and Painters

Three students paint artwork for their poems. thumbnail216554
Two students hold up their drawings thumbnail216555
A student shows their poem with completed artwork thumbnail216556
A student paints artwork for their poem thumbnail216557
A student paints artwork for their poem thumbnail216558
A student paints artwork for their poem thumbnail216559
A student paints artwork for their poem thumbnail216560
A student shows their poem with completed artwork thumbnail216561

Students are exploring all different types of poetry at John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School, which is celebrating National Poetry Month throughout April.

Second grade teacher Cindy Quinn said that while children are typically first exposed to rhyming poetry, she is teaching them that poems can come in many different forms. Recently, she gave her students some poetry about spring, and asked them to paint what they visualized. Each children received a set of watercolor paints and created an artistic masterpiece based on the descriptive words in the poem.

Ms. Quinn said that project was inspired by the book, “Jamaica Louise James,” about a girl who decorates a train station. Her students decorated Dinkelmeyer school with their poetry-inspired artwork.

Sixth graders in Nicholas Assande’s class worked on nature poems. Each student selected an object from nature, such as an animal, insect or plant, and described it in poetry form. The words wrapped around a picture of that object.

Date Added: 4/29/2022

Dinkelmeyer Fifth Graders Raise Autism Awareness

Fifth graders at John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School stand in front of powerpoint on Autism thumbnail216301
Two students stand in front of the puzzle piece display they created thumbnail216302
Fifth graders promoted acceptance and friendship with an Autism Awareness Month display in April at John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School.

An autism awareness poster is made up of 25 pieces, each colored by a student in Page Powers’ fifth grade class. It features 11 hands reaching toward a globe in the center. Surrounding the poster are puzzle pieces, also individually decorated by students, with statements about how they can show kindness to people with autism. The puzzle piece is the internationally recognized symbol used to represent the mystery and complexity of autism spectrum disorder.

Students Chloe Charles and Paige Harvey, who helped Ms. Powers with the hallway display, said they are aiming to raise awareness about the abilities of people with autism while spreading kindness throughout the school. The class watched a video about how people with autism see the world around them.

“It gave me another point of view,” Paige said.

Chloe added that she learned that being unique is something to be proud of.

Date Added: 4/25/2022

Dinkelmeyer Students Take a Shot at Curing Heart Disease

Teacher and students show off the amount of money they raised for the American Heart Association thumbnail215816
Students put their basketball skills to good use at John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School by taking part in the Hoops for Heart campaign. The fitness initiative benefits the American Heart Association.

Physical education teacher Jim Mulvey said that students participated in various basketball games, including shooting competitions, relay races and one-on-one and two-on-two matches. Students and families could make voluntary donations, and the school raised a total of $524 for the American Heart Association, which will help cure heart disease.

Date Added: 4/11/2022


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