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Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion.

Third Trimester Instructional Model Intent Form

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2021 District Safety Plan

2021 Safety Plan


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Dr. King Inspires Dreamers at Park Avenue

Dr. King Inspires Dreamers at Park Avenue photo  thumbnail179656
Dr. King Inspires Dreamers at Park Avenue photo 2 thumbnail179657
Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was celebrated at Park Avenue Elementary School as students learned about the man whose contributions to society were so great that he is honored with a national holiday every January.

The Parker Panda bulletin board in the lobby was covered in pictures of Dr. King along with many of his quotes. This gave students a daily reminder of his efforts to achieve equality and justice.

Third graders completed an “All About” packet in which they learned about Dr. King’s childhood and achievements. They identified his character traits and cited evidence on how he displayed those traits. Students also analyzed his “I Have a Dream” speech and reflected on its meaning.

Each third grade class also created an “I Have a Dream” puzzle poster, with every student completing a piece. Teachers Brittany Ciana and Jennifer Howe said students could write either a personal dream or one of their wishes for the world.

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Park Avenue Grad Gives Garden Some TLC

The community garden at Park Avenue Elementary School has served as an outdoor learning space for 10 years, and a former student recently spearheaded an effort to give it a makeover.

Gus Bresnaider, a senior at Mepham High School and a 2015 Park Avenue graduate, completed his Eagle Scout community service project at the garden on Nov. 21. He and about two dozen volunteers – many fellow scouts from Troop 123 – worked all day to make several improvements. They created a sign for the front of the garden that reads “Park Pride” and installed narrower garden beds that make it easier for young children to harvest the crops. Gus’s project also included two wheelchair-accessible garden beds that follow the children’s ADA regulation for elevated tables.

“I picked my former elementary school as a way of giving back for all that I had learned and the wonderful experiences I had,” he said. “I wanted to pay it forward and make the next students’ memories even better than my own, and I hope this installation may help with that.”

Art teacher Jill Skelly and first grade teacher Robin Obey are the garden coordinators and we on hand for the installation. They met with Gus in advance to identify projects that would best improve the garden, deciding that more child-friendly garden beds and raised beds for students with special needs were most needed.

“We were overjoyed when he came to us last year and wanted to do something for the garden for his Eagle Scout project,” Ms. Skelly said, noting that Gus was a student at Park Avenue when it was first created. “Gus' professional handling of the whole project was truly worthy of the Eagle title. The new beds guarantee another 10 years of healthy planting with much easier access for the students.”