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Our mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion.

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Generational Problem Solving at Saw Mill

Kindergarteners, parents, grandparents, and other guests helping with STEAM challenges. thumbnail259508

The cafeteria was recently transformed into an innovation center at Saw Mill Road Elementary School. Kindergartners welcomed parents, grandparents and other special guests to help out with a series of STEAM challenges.

Two classes per day participated in the activities that merged science, technology, engineering, the arts and math. Students and their guests rotated among four stations to build towers using different materials. There were wooden sticks and clothes pins, pencils, pipe cleaners and plastic cups.

Teacher Marylou Tolle said that the goal was to showcase for parents the problem-solving activities that students do in school. The STEAM activities also foster collaboration, critical thinking and persistence. Students and their guests were reminded that if a design didn’t work, they should try again.

This was the second year the school has hosted the daytime STEAM program. After last year’s successful debut, kindergarten teachers decided to keep it going, noting the energy and enthusiasm of both the children and the adults.

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Date Added: 6/11/2024

Incoming Kindergartners Welcomed at District Showcase

North Bellmore’s incoming kindergartners thumbnail259228

North Bellmore’s incoming kindergartners and their parents got a thorough look at the district’s curriculum during the annual Kindergarten Showcase in the Newbridge Road Elementary School auditorium.

The event was open to incoming students and their families from all five elementary schools. Each table highlighted a different academic program and the different educational resources used by North Bellmore teachers. There were tables for the core subjects of English language arts, math, science and social studies, as well as special areas like art, computer science, health and wellness, library, music and physical education.

Teachers and fifth grade ambassadors were assigned to each station, guiding youngsters through the hands-on activities that showcased each subject area, such as playing games on the math mats, trying out different musical instruments, testing out a robot or building a sculpture out of pipe cleaners. They were also ready to answer any questions. Ambassadors were also stationed at an informational table for each elementary school.

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Date Added: 6/6/2024

Artists Dazzle at District Exhibition

053124-MAIN_photo_nb15_2023-1.jpg thumbnail259078

The North Bellmore School District held its annual district art show on May 21. Student work from the five elementary schools was featured at the evening exhibition, which was held in Newbridge Road Elementary School’s cafeteria.

There were drawings, paintings, sculptures and mixed media projects on display, created by students from kindergarten through sixth grade. The work was a sampling of projects created throughout the school year and showcased the various artistic techniques students have learned.

Artwork was completed under the direction of Jillian Bock at John G. Dinkelmeyer and Park Avenue elementary schools, Erica Farley at Martin Avenue and Newbridge Road elementary schools and Amy Lopez at Saw Mill Road Elementary School.

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Date Added: 6/3/2024

Annual Track Meet Brings Together Sixth Graders

North Bellmore students running track. thumbnail258918

It will be a couple of years before the soon-to-be graduates of the North Bellmore School District are circling the halls of Mepham High School, but on May 20, they got to circle the track. Students from all five elementary schools gathered on the sunny spring day for the annual sixth grade track meet.

The event, which was coordinated by the physical education teachers, featured a mix of short- and long-distance races. It ranged from 50 meters to 800 meters, which was two full laps around the track. After four-person relay races, the day concluded with field events such as discus, javelin, long jump and shot put.

Students wore their school Class of 2024 shirts. In just a few months, they will be unified under one roof at Grand Avenue Middle School, and the track meet was an opportunity to meet their future classmates.

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Date Added: 5/30/2024

A Tribute to Service and Sacrifice at Martin Avenue

A Tribute to Service and Sacrifice at Martin Avenue thumbnail258846

Donning their red, white and blue and holding miniature flags, students filled out the front lawn of Martin Avenue Elementary School in the North Bellmore School District on May 23 for the inaugural Memorial Day ceremony. The event was filled with patriotic songs, as well as speeches that educated students on the true meaning of the holiday.

“Each individual is responsible for his or her choices and the impact they create,” Principal Dr. Michael Yannucci said. “People we know, family, friends, neighbors, each made choices to serve our country. And what an impact they had. It allowed us the freedom to sit here today, the freedom to go to the beach tomorrow, the freedom to grill on Monday. So, while we’re enjoying some leisurely activities, never forget about the choices some very brave people made and the incredible impact it has made.”

The ceremony began with the raising of the flag. It was then brought down to half-mast to honor all of those who sacrificed their lives to defend the United States. Chorus students then sang the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

The master of ceremonies was school librarian Yvonne Francolini, an Air Force veteran. She spoke about her experience visiting memorials all over the United States and around the world.

In front of the podium was a White Table, which is set up in many mess halls at military bases as a tribute to service members who are fallen, missing or held captive. Ms. Francolini described the symbolism of each item including the white table cloth, black napkin, single red rose and inverted glass.

Student reflections from Matthew Asher, Cassie Chen, Sarah Falls and Jackson Laino focused on the history and meaning of Memorial Day. Students learned that the holiday started as Decoration Day in 1868.

Kindergartners, led by music teacher Alexander Roff, sang “Grand Old Flag” and “This Land is Your Land.” All students and staff were asked to join in the schoolwide sing-along of “America” and “God Bless America.” The music presentation concluded with a recording of the military bugle call, Taps.

The inside of the school was decorated with American flag art. Each grade created its own large flag. Every student also contributed a square to a quilt outside of the cafeteria, featuring drawings of the American flag. Dr. Yannucci noted that it showcased the uniqueness of each student and their united belief in the core values of the United States.

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Date Added: 5/28/2024